The Mission of FWG Atlantiso is to effectively manage its companies, to provide the background of a strong group and utilise group synergies.

Michal Kvíčala

CEO of the Group

Our companies

This is a Czech brand known worldwide as a leading supplier of light sources and lighting for all segments of family and professional life. The key attributes of the TESLA lighting brand are innovation and quality. All the lights it manufactures go through a series of measurements in laboratories to ensure that only the highest quality light reaches customers.

The TESLA lighting business is based on five basic pillars: retail, B2B projects, e-commerce, export, and installation and service.

TESLA lighting products primarily focus on modern LED lighting. For 2022, it is preparing a number of its own smart lighting sources under the TESLA lighting IN-telligence brand. Although it also has its own askMatrix management system, it works with partners such as Loxon in the preparation of large industrial units. It is currently working on ‘healthy light’, i.e. LED lighting that exactly mimics the daily rhythm of natural light. TESLA lighting will present its plans in this segment in 2022.

Light is one of the basic needs of mankind, so the industry is relatively resistant to economic fluctuations. TESLA lighting has been restructured in the last two years as a modern company ready to manage all market requirements and attain the highest quality. It is now ready to become a world-class international company. TESLA lighting has huge and as yet untapped business potential in both the European and global markets.

FWG atlantiso

Focus Work Group Atlantiso is a European investment group founded in 2014 with the goal of creating a strong international group built on a diversified portfolio of companies.

The Group currently operates in nine sectors, including lighting and energy, telecommunications and technology, e-commerce, accounting and tax services and viticulture, among the most important.

The aim of each sector is to establish a comprehensive chain of companies, from production to sales.

FWG Atlantiso is a strategic investor. We actively manage and develop our companies.

We run all our companies for the long term, focusing primarily on the customer, efficiency, longevity and growth in company value.

More about FWG atlantiso

34 companies

consists of FWG Atlantiso

15 mil €

is the market value of FWG Atlantiso


is the debt of FWG Atlantiso

We focus on companies with unique products and services, as well as on companies with great potential for development and growth. We are constantly thinking and working hard to find opportunities and possibilities that may not be seen by others.

We believe that companies are mostly formed by people, both customers and employees.

Our working relationships, and therefore the whole FWG Atlantiso, are built on honesty, openness, efficiency and hard work. We believe that when people do what they enjoy doing, they are as motivated and efficient as possible.

Simplicity is a fundamental pillar of the Group. We stick to a simple structure, streamlined business models and processes, simply pursuing our goals.

Our strategy stands on three pillars that lead to the establishment of comprehensive supply chains and a diversified portfolio of companies.

The First Pillar of the strategy is to seek out and enter companies in need of restructuring and significant changes to their operation that also have a product or a service that is competitive and has potential for further development.

The Second Pillar involves building companies from the ground up in sectors we already know and know how to do business in.

The Third Pillar of the strategy is the acquisition of companies that may be functioning well, but have the potential for great growth or global reach by joining the group and utilising our synergies to their fullest.


Our people

Matěj Kvíčala

  • Head of the CEO office at FWG atlantiso 
  • Fleet Manager

‘Nothing is impossible.

Matěj is responsible for controlling and process management. 

In the past, he was fully dedicated to professional sports and participated in two Olympic Games. His sports career instilled in him a sense of fair play, discipline and hard work. He graduated from the Technical University of Liberec with a degree in Sports Management. 

After graduating, he gained experience in coordinating the travel of foreign tourists in the Czech Republic and abroad. He managed organizational and communication tasks on a daily basis, which is now useful to him in managing everyday situations at work. 

Matěj is responsible for the CEO office of the group, for internal financial flows and projects entrusted to him. He has a natural feeling for the efficient, conscientious and reliable completion of his assigned tasks. 


In our companies, the most valuable resource are people. We work to create a high-performance work environment, but also to offer meaningful and fulfilling activities and to promote good interpersonal relationships.

Aleš Demjan

CHRO of Group