FWG atlantiso appoints Jan Krásenský as new CEO

11. 1. 2024

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The new CEO of the FWG Atlantiso Group and concurrently the Chairman of the Board is Jan Krásenský. He takes over the leadership from the current CEO, the founder of the group, and shareholder Michal Kvíčala, who is transitioning to the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Kvíčala will also focus on leading Vinfari Group and the rapidly growing wine and spirits marketplace, vinisto.cz.


Jan, who is transitioning from the position of the group’s Chief Operating Officer, began his career in IT. He gradually moved into roles in consulting and both line and project management. He has a track record of involvement in numerous local and international projects, gaining a wealth of experience. The fast-paced nature of consulting and services taught him to address matters quickly, simply, and without unnecessary complications. His main goal will be to accelerate the group’s growth and expand its presence in industrial production, services, and technology. He assumes the leadership role from January 1, 2024.


Nový CEO skupiny Jan Krásenský