A word from Michal Kvíčala,
majority shareholder and CEO of the Group

You are on a website that gives you an insight into the world of FWG Atlantiso, into a world I believe in and which I have been building with my hard work, holistic approach and tenacity since 2014.

My approach is based on the idea of Tomáš Baťa, which I slightly adapted for myself in the following spirit:

First build yourself, then you can achieve anything you want.

In today’s world, people like quoting the greats and pulling the things that fit their agenda out of context, talking about them and forgetting that it is also important to live them. I don’t talk about these things much, but I live them.

If you want to build a global company, you cannot just talk about discipline, work and meeting goals and then ask others to do these things for you. You have to be the first to whom no exceptions apply, the first to lead by example, the first to inspire people around you with your work, the first to bear responsibility for the final result.

It is not my intention to moralise here, but I often see an approach of ‘someone else is going to do that’ or ‘that’ll do’. Relinquishing responsibility is easy, but doing so does not lead to results. I believe in my personal responsibility and I am constantly working on it. I take advantage of every opportunity to develop myself and my companies, and even though it hurts a lot sometimes, it brings me joy and satisfaction in the long run. I consider it my lifelong mission to learn how to do business, succeed in business and build a global company.

I want to live, and I do live, so as to have no regrets. This, however, does not mean being hard or insensitive. It means that the things I do, I do at 100 percent. I am never lazy to ask, work and fight for what I believe in. Looking back, I want to make sure I did my best.

This approach requires courage. Doing business requires courage. The courage and boldness to set out what you want and go for it. Never make excuses. Be goal-oriented and stay fair and human. And for all this, I always do my best.

Behind my success is also the support of my wife and my family. They help me to do my job to the best of my ability. My priorities as well as the time I spend with my family and at work are clearly defined. I always do both fully and with full attention. I believe that although I have less time for my family because of my business, I can make it up to them all at home with my full attention when I am with them.

I expect this approach from my colleagues in management and senior positions in the Group.

I am a person who talks very little about themselves. I follow the rule that the approach and results speak for themselves. I am sure that this approach benefits my personal and group goals more than if I focused on my own PR and building my own name and personal brand. I believe that a good reputation and brand are built with the success of individual companies and the FWG Atlantiso Group as a whole.

Although I advocate this approach for myself, I know well that in business it is necessary to communicate clearly both internally and externally. This is why I support high- quality external and internal marketing as much as possible and focus on building a strong internal marketing team at FWG Atlantiso. I am now moving this entire team to a separate marketing agency, Kreema, to maintain the standard of service at the highest possible level, to have a competitive service and to be able to afford to pay and employ the best professionals. Kreema is an example of the approach I follow in building the whole Group. From the people in the company to individual products and services, everything must succeed, everything must make sense, energy and money must not be wasted.

Although I am talking about myself now, the most important thing in the FWG Atlantiso group are its people. I realize that without people there would be no company. A company is formed by its people.

I highly value my colleagues who work hard, efficiently, smartly and ethically towards the joint success of our companies, and I do everything possible to motivate them, not only through above-standard wages, but also by giving them the opportunity for career progress, self-development and self-realisation. I want them to know that to me and the Group they are most important. We are looking for people who appreciate this approach to join FWG Atlantiso Group, and the success of the Group is and will be built on such people.

Our Group is based on quality people, and I thank them for our success. It would be impossible to present all the people involved in our success, although they would more than deserve it. I am, at least, going to present the TOP management of the Group, which is part of this website.

FWG Atlantiso strives for equal opportunities and equal pay; there are six women among the TOP fifteen managers. FWG Atlantiso is strictly apolitical.

Although I am demanding and uncompromising in meeting targets, I am always ready to help my colleagues.

My life goal is to build a group of companies with global reach and intervention. My life goal is to surround myself with colleagues and partners with whom we will build successful and rich companies.

Michal Kvíčala

  • CEO of the Group
  • Majority shareholder
  • Chairman of the Board