Group Presentation
FWG atlantiso

Focus Work Group Atlantiso is a European investment group founded in 2014 with the goal of creating a strong international group built on a diversified portfolio of companies.

The Group currently operates in nine sectors, including lighting and energy, telecommunications and technology, e-commerce, accounting and tax services and viticulture, among the most important.

The aim of each sector is to establish a comprehensive chain of companies, from production to sales.

FWG Atlantiso is a strategic investor. We actively manage and develop our companies.

We run all our companies for the long term, focusing primarily on the customer, efficiency, longevity and growth in company value.

31 companies

consists of FWG Atlantiso

15 mil €

is the market value of FWG Atlantiso


is the debt of FWG Atlantiso

We focus on companies with unique products and services, as well as on companies with great potential for development and growth. We are constantly thinking and working hard to find opportunities and possibilities that may not be seen by others.

We believe that companies are mostly formed by people, both customers and employees.

Our working relationships, and therefore the whole FWG Atlantiso, are built on honesty, openness, efficiency and hard work. We believe that when people do what they enjoy doing, they are as motivated and efficient as possible.

Simplicity is a fundamental pillar of the Group. We stick to a simple structure, streamlined business models and processes, simply pursuing our goals.

  • The Mission of FWG Atlantiso is to effectively manage its companies, to provide the background of a strong group and utilise group synergies.
  • FWG Atlantiso is committed to enriching its customers through its companies.

The strategy

Our strategy stands on three pillars that lead to the establishment of comprehensive supply chains and a diversified portfolio of companies.

The First Pillar of the strategy is to seek out and enter companies in need of restructuring and significant changes to their operation that also have a product or a service that is competitive and has potential for further development.

The Second Pillar involves building companies from the ground up in sectors we already know and know how to do business in.

The Third Pillar of the strategy is the acquisition of companies that may be functioning well, but have the potential for great growth or global reach by joining the group and utilising our synergies to their fullest.

The basic building blocks of the FWG Atlantiso strategy

We build strong and stable structures based on executive experts, professionals in their fields. We pride ourselves on fair wages that are above market standards and that are primarily linked to the achievement of set targets. For the long term, we build and support a team of managers, specialists and TOP professionals who are a team in meeting the objectives of the Group and individualists in meeting the goals of individual companies.

We believe in building stable structures in which everyone has well-defined responsibilities and competencies and is able to make independent decisions.

Thanks to this approach, we inject our companies with the DNA of FWG Atlantiso, implementing meaningful, efficient business models, financial management, discipline, clearly defined structures, responsibilities and competencies. Our companies can rely on the stability of the Group.

Our companies have to meet basic criteria that involve having a unique product or service and the potential for growth and expansion to foreign markets.

We actively promote change, new perspectives and the creation of innovative business models. We believe that an innovative approach to business is an element that results in success.

200 mil €

the anticipated value of FWG Atlantiso for 2026

Our values

Our values include diligence, logic, simplicity, ethics, cooperation and efficiency. We believe that good results only come with hard work.

Although we are growing into a large international investment group, we maximise the streamlining of our management and operational model to be dynamic and efficient.

We make sure that the people who have the greatest say in the company are those in direct contact with the customer.

Cooperation and synergies within teams and between our companies are the fundamental building blocks of the success of FWG Atlantiso.

Changing the world is not our primary aim. We want to do what we believe in and be the best at it. Changing the world for the better will come with this intention.

Our vision

The FWG Atlantiso Group fulfils the vision of building a strong international group of companies whose business is primarily based on quality products and services, on the value of cooperation and responsibility, long-term sustainability and generating profit.

Companies within the FWG Atlantiso Group have their own identity and autonomy, especially in business and targeting their products and services. Moreover, we emphasise the utilisation of synergies within the Group, both in purchasing, IT, administration, finance, facilities and management, and in the use of the Group ecosystem.

FWG Atlantiso’s operating system is an ecosystem based on the formation of strong and long-lasting structures and the creation of coherent business chains. Its cornerstones are hard work, profit, efficiency and ethics. Discipline and personal responsibility are equally important to FWG Atlantis. We believe that this is the basis of every success.

FWG Atlantiso creates a strong corporate ecosystem, the core DNA being the ethical utilisation of every opportunity for profit, growth, expansion and acquisition.

At FWG Atlantiso we create a strong corporate ecosystem with the need to ethically utilise each opportunity for profit, growth, expansion and acquisition in its core DNA.

We believe in sustainability while maintaining business logic.

We believe in big profits while maintaining ethics.

We believe in our people, humanity and good relationships while maintaining work efficiency, meeting milestones and KPIs.

History of the Group

FWG Atlantiso was founded in 2014 under the FWG brand. From 2014 to 2018, the Group primarily operated in the sector of interim management, strategic operation and executive company management, corporate restructuring, and provision of IT integrations and IT support. This period was extremely important for the Group, as we gained a lot of experience from various business sectors and situations during the life cycles of companies. The Group learned to do business and effectively manage companies across industries, assess risks and utilise business opportunities. In 2019, we started building our own portfolio of companies as a strategic investor.

Objectives 2026

The aim of FWG atlantiso is to reach a value of 200 million EUR by 2026.

To acquire companies for our existing sectors so that we own the entire business chain from production to sales and delivery to the customer in each sector.

To develop our technology and R&D division so that our companies are innovative players in their respective fields.

To intensively develop our business models to be as efficient as possible.

To build our management teams so that our Group has only professionals in their fields To develop individual companies to be the best on the European market and succeed in world markets.

To make use of our experience and hard work from the last 7 years of the Group’s operations and turn them into the global success of our companies.

To more than stand up to the current era of rapidly changing customer demands.

To more than hold up in the current era of changing established orders.

To be a strong partner to our customers, employees and companies.