The 100th anniversary of TESLA lighting

17. 12. 2021

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TESLA lighting, the Czech professional company in the field of the LED lighting industry, celebrates an important anniversary this year. This story begun with Elektra, which was founded in 1921 in pre-WWII Czechoslovakia. After several years of its successful existence, the company became part of the Dutch Philips Group. Its production involved the contemporary state-of-the-art technology ranging from light bulbs and tubes through radio receivers and radio and television transmitters.

In 1946, due to political and social changes, the company changed both its owner and name and started producing transistors and later also the first TV sets under the TESLA brand (referring to the name of the famous Serbian inventor).

As the time passed the economic and political situation changed again and TESLA turned to a joint stock company again. Since 2012 in has been 100% owned by Czech owners. In the same year, TESLA lighting was also founded.

By now, TESLA lighting has become a prestigious brand that has been successful with its high-quality light sources both in the Czech Republic and in the world market. The company offers the state-of-the-art LED light sources. The high-quality is of the utmost importance. All light sources undergo a series of measurements in their own laboratories. Timelessness and efficiency are synonymous with TESLA lighting. Thousands of satisfied customers prove the point.

TESLA lighting produces range of classic LED sources both for the home and the professional use including incandescent lamps, tubes, suspended ceiling or ceiling luminaires, reflector and industrial LED sources e.g. High Bay, public lighting, luminaires, ground and floor luminaires and Tri-Proof luminaires with higher protection levels For more information see